Elim Supply Corporation


For over 15 years, Elim Supply has remained a self-sustained manufacturer. Having complete control over every point within our production process, from raw material production to packaging finished goods, allows us to masterfully craft our products to the finest details. Each product has gone through years of testing and are continually pushed in the strive for perfection.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing facilities operate using ultra-modern machineries from Germany and Austria. The majority of the specialized workstations have already begun to transition into semi to full automation. We strongly believe in being efficient in production and consistent in quality, so that our customers receive products that meet or exceed their expectations.

Streamlined Logistics and Distribution

With a growing production capacity that exceeds hundreds of containers annually, we stock the majority of our product line in our warehouse in La Mirada, California. Our current distribution network already spans across the U.S.. We are able to keep up with a high inventory turnover, this allowing us to schedule timely shipments to meet your needs.

Private Label Designing

The majority of our market segment consists of global manufacturers, wholesale distributors and chain retailers, whom demand private labeling on the largest scales. We have actively met and worked with the strictest of requirements from our customers. We treat every customer as a partner and make your job, our job.